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Are You Using Your Heater As Efficiently As Possible?

heating-ventFirst off, we have some good news! If you don’t know the answer to this question, or if you know you aren’t using your heater as efficiently as you could, there are a lot of great methods to start. Some of the tips we have to provide won’t even cost you a dime.

Of course, there is one small investment you can make that will make a world of difference to your heating efficiency, and it’s one of the most important HVAC services in Arvada, CO there is—maintenance! Maintenance is a service we recommend our customers have done once a year, typically in the fall before you need your system the most. But what really matters is that you have this service done consistently—maintenance should be scheduled every 1-3 months for your HVAC systems during seasons of use.

In addition to maintenance, the following steps will help your heater work as efficiently as possible:

Use Your Curtains!

Even on the coldest winter days, opening the curtains of your south-facing windows can do a world of good. You’re using the free radiant heat from the sun this way, heating up your home naturally so that your heating system won’t run as long. Therefore, you’re effortlessly using your heater more efficiently.

Take Advantage of Your Ceiling Fans

When you have a forced-air heater, one of the challenges can be evenly distributing heat for maximum comfort. Heat rises of course, so if you have high ceilings, like cathedral ceilings, it can take a long time for the room to reach the temperature you desire.

If you put your ceiling fans in reverse and turn them on, though, that heat is pulled down into your living space, distributing that heat more evenly and enabling your heater to shut off sooner.

Program Your Thermostat

Setting the right temperature on your HVAC systems’ thermostat is vital for heating efficiency, not to mention cooling efficiency.

In the wintertime, you can lower the thermostat by a few degrees at night or when you aren’t home, to potentially save yourself hundreds in annual heating costs. Programmable thermostats allow homeowners to create heating programs based on their schedules.

You can take this a step further with a WiFi or smart thermostat, which “learns” from your preferences and adjusts automatically.

Check and Replace Your Air Filter

When a furnace’s air filter gets too clogged up with dust, dirt, and other debris, the airflow into the furnace or heat pump is restricted, which causes the system to work harder to circulate warm air throughout the home. Changing your air filter every 1-3 months is an effective way to maintain optimal efficiency.

Making Sure Your Ducts Are in Good Shape

Did you know that up to 30% of the warm air you’re paying for can escape through breached ductwork? This is another problem that will cause your furnace to work harder and decrease HVAC efficiency.

And no, before you think about it, you cannot just grab a roll of duct tape to fix damage air ducts on your own. We understand the name could fool you, but duct tape actually isn’t appropriately named, and because of its brittle nature it won’t hold up the way you need it to.

Following the steps above will certainly help boost heating efficiency and lower your heating bills as a result, too. Remember, you should also keep an eye and ear out for potential repair needs since the smallest of problems can quickly turn into something bigger, and costlier. If your heater is blowing out cold air, making loud or unfamiliar noises, or if you notice your utility bills are much higher than they were this time last year, it is time to give our pros a call.

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