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Indoor Air Quality Services in Denver, CO

If you’ve found that the air in your home feels dry, dusty, or generally unhealthy, it’s not surprising. Many modern homes suffer from low indoor air quality and poor ventilation. This leads not only to discomfort but also to asthma and allergy problems and even greater health complications.

There are many ways to improve the indoor air quality of your home, and you can get started by contacting Cool Sunshine Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.. We began in business in 1997 working on and designing ventilation systems, so we’re familiar with many of the methods available to improve household air quality. If you live in Denver, CO or elsewhere in the Denver Metro Area, you can rely on us for air quality systems and other IAQ services to see that you and your family breathe only the best air in your home. Give us a call today to schedule indoor air quality services in Denver, CO and the surrounding area.

Low Indoor Air Quality Is a Serious Issue

The reason that numerous homes suffer from air that’s too dry or filled with a high concentration of harmful pollutants is because homes are built too well today. They’re almost airtight to prevent the loss of heat during cold weather and heat gain during hot weather. This ends up trapping many airborne contaminants indoors, such as dust, lint, smoke, chemicals, dust mites, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, and more.

Without good ventilation or air quality systems, the concentration of these pollutants will continue to grow inside a house. This situation is particularly dangerous for people who suffer from asthma and allergies, but any large concentration of pollutants can end up causing health complications for almost anyone.

Air Quality Systems We Offer

How can we help you improve your indoor air quality? We can start with looking at what air quality systems we can install in your home to air with ventilation or pollutant removal:

  • Air filters/air purifiers: The air filter is one of the basic ways of trapping unwanted particles moving through a ventilation system. To eliminate smaller particles that may slip through filters, electronic air purifiers are an appropriate addition.
  • Humidifiers: Dry conditions are common in Denver and can make winters extra unpleasant. A whole–house humidifier, professionally installed, can solve this problem.
  • Heat and energy recovery ventilators: To improve ventilation and allow a current of fresh air into a home without placing strain on the heating/cooling system, ask our technicians about installing one of these recovery ventilators.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Denver, CO

You may feel tempted to purchase your own air filters, electronic air purifiers, or portable room humidifiers. But it’s often difficult to tell what exactly is causing the indoor air quality issues in a house—and making a guess can lead to serious problems. Even a simple error like a filter with incorrect strength can end up damaging your HVAC system. You only want experienced professionals to take care of selecting the right air quality systems, installing them, and on occasion repairing them.

You can put your trust in Cool Sunshine Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. when it comes to boost your home’s indoor air quality. We offer many different installations and services, and we’re dedicated to providing the best installations around. Our big happy family wants to make your family happy! Call us today to request an estimate on indoor air quality services in Denver, CO and the surrounding area.

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