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Denver, CO Air Conditioning Repair & Tune-Up Services

When you need air conditioning repair service in Denver, CO, you need home AC repair you can rely on! The last thing you should have to deal with, after all, is a cooling system that just breaks down again months, or even weeks, later. When you partner with Cool Sunshine Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., you’ll never have to worry about amateur work. So stop searching online for “AC repair near me,” and give our professionals a call. You should do business with a contractor you trust!

Our company values integrity and quality craftsmanship above all else. We are Denver, CO natives who built our company from the ground up, and we’ve been serving your neighbors for over twenty years. Whether you need quality repairs or you end up deciding AC replacement is a better option, we’re the team to call.

Our team is one big happy family and we want to make your family happy too! Contact us for air conditioning repair services in Denver, CO today!

Reliable AC Repair Services

Do you know how to detect if you’re in need of AC repair? It depends on the type of air conditioning system you have, but some signs are pretty obvious, such as a loss of cooling output. Other problems might be more subtle, yet can grow until you’re facing a complete air conditioning break down. We’d like to help you avoid this situation by sharing with you some indications that your air conditioner is in disrepair:

  • Low Airflow
  • Loud or Strange Noises Coming from the System
  • Higher than Average Utility Bills
  • Short-Cycling

These are all signs that point to something wrong with your air conditioner, or something causing it to perform less efficiently than before. If you notice anything odd, the best thing you can do is call our pros and turn off your AC until help arrives.

Schedule Air Conditioning Services in Denver

Whether you have a central air conditioner or ductless system, we provide air conditioning services for both. It’s important to keep in mind, too, that without proper installation the latter could have unique repair problems other systems don’t. Ductless systems are set up with a singular outdoor unit and up to 4 indoor air handlers mounted high up on the walls of the rooms they’re installed in.

If installed incorrectly, you could run into problems such as water leaks behind the air handlers, refrigerant leaks behind the air handlers, or even an air handler splitting from the wall. Of course our team can help with each of these situations, but we really can’t understate the importance of professional air conditioning service of any kind.

Regular AC Tune-Ups Keep Your System Running

Ever wondered why you should invest in routine AC tune-ups? After all, its’ just an added expense, right? Well, not quite.

Routine maintenance tune-ups allow our Denver professionals to fully inspect, clean, and adjust your air conditioner, all while making recommendations for repairs. Our efforts help your air conditioner to operate more efficiently and effectively, and last longer too.

An air conditioner that is properly tuned-up once a year (or twice a year if it’s a year round heat-pump HVAC system) can avoid 85% of the repairs it may ever need in its lifespan, and can maintain 95% of its efficiency, as well.

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With 50 years of combined experience, our staff is ready and able to help you with all your comfort needs.