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We Service Central Air Conditioners in Denver, CO


New Air Conditioning Installation

The central air conditioner has a long history stretching back to the dawn of the twentieth century. But central AC systems didn’t start to enter homes until the 1960s. Before then, the window air unit was the only easily affordable way for homes to receive electro-mechanical cooling. The modern technology of central air units now makes them essential parts of the majority of homes. You probably use a split air conditioner to cool down your home.

Whether you have a current central AC or you are in the market to have a new one installed, Cool Sunshine Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is the local contractor in Denver, CO to do the job. We’ve served the Denver Metro Area since 1997, and most of our trained technicians have been with us for more than 10 years. From installations and replacements to repairs, you can count on our big happy family to make your family happy! Give us a call today to schedule central air conditioning services in Denver, CO and the surrounding area.

The Operation of the Split Air Conditioner

The standard type of central air unit is known as a split air conditioner. This distinguishes it from the packaged air conditioner, which is more often found in commercial use. A split system consists of two units, an outdoor condenser and an indoor evaporator and air handler. To cool down a home, the evaporator draws heat from the air and then releases it through the outdoor condenser. A special chemical blend, called refrigerant, is responsible for this process of heat exchange. The compressor puts the refrigerant under pressure, causing it to circulate between the two units and move heat along with it.

To distribute the cooled air from around the evaporator coil, the indoor unit uses an air handler. A blower fan moves the conditioned air into a ventilation network made up of ducts. The ducts connect to room vents, allowing for cooling to be evenly spread around the living spaces.

Installing or Replacing a Central AC System

It’s necessary for professionals to install and replace a central air unit. Amateurs often incorrectly size a new air conditioner, making it too powerful or too underpowered, and they frequently make errors with the ducts. We have NATE–certified technicians to ensure you have a great installation. Not only are we experienced with handling central ACs, we have a long history of work creating custom duct designs, which is one of the reasons we can offer the highest quality installations. We’ll see that your central air conditioner is able to send cooling to all the rooms without trouble.

We Also Offer Central AC Repairs and Maintenance in Denver, CO

No matter how professionally installed a split air conditioner is, it may encounter a malfunction in its future. When you detect a loss of cooling power or notice other alarming signs from your central AC (such as loud noises), don’t attempt to repair them yourself. Repair work also requires the knowledge of an HVAC professional. Leave the work to us, and we’ll see your family has its cool house restored.

At Cool Sunshine Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., we take pride in offering customer service that goes far beyond what larger, impersonal HVAC contractors can offer. Our customers appreciate the difference as well. Let our Denver, CO natives see that you have the finest central air conditioning possible. Give us a call to request an estimate on air conditioning services in Denver, CO and the surrounding area.


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