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Duct Repair and Replacement in Denver, CO

Ducts are the essential component of the ventilation system in most buildings. Bad duct designs or ducts that are in poor condition can cause multiple troubles for the HVAC system, drain money, and create an uncomfortable environment. In order to benefit you air conditioning, heating and ventilation, your home may require duct repair or replacement services at some point, and it takes highly skilled technicians to tackle this work and get it done right.

At Cool Sunshine Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., we started out in business working on custom duct designs and layouts for new home construction. It remains one of our specialties. If you are looking to have the ducts in your home in Denver, CO repaired or larger parts replaced, you won’t find a better team to contact than ours. Our founders have combined 50 years of experience, and most of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years. We’re a big happy family—here to make your family happy! Call us today to schedule duct services in Denver, CO and the surrounding area.

The Problems with Bad and Damaged Ducts

People often aren’t aware of how poor duct design or broken and leaky ducts can become a problem for a house. Duct issues are responsible for a number of major issues in homes—and unfortunately, they’re quite common. Many houses have ineffectively designed ducts to start with, improperly placed and laid out to create bad airflow and easy heat loss or gain. Here are some of the consequences of bad ductwork:

  • Energy waste: The blower fan of an HVAC system must strain harder against ducts that are either badly designed or which are allowing already heated and cooled air to go to waste. The higher bills you’re paying may not be the fault of the AC or the heater, but of a system of ducts that need professional work.
  • Drop in comfort: A ductwork system that’s losing air to damage will allow the air pressure in the ventilation system to drop. As the airflow lessens, it leads to uneven comfort around the house and difficulty keeping the rooms either heated or cooled.
  • Indoor air quality decline: A broken duct will start allowing air from closed–off areas of the home to slip into the ventilation system. Moldy, dusty, and humid air will begin to be distributed around the house.

You May Need Duct Replacement in Denver, CO

Sometimes the best way to improve the ducts in a house is to replace them. This can be done in a limited area, or it may need to be done with custom–designed ducts. Cool Sunshine Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. works with custom ductwork design, making us the ideal contractor to work with when your house needs extensive duct replacement services.

We have served homes in Denver, CO since 1997, and we offer you the personal service and quality you often miss when you go to a "Big Box" national company.

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With 50 years of combined experience, our staff is ready and able to help you with all your comfort needs.