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AC Maintenance: It’s That Time of Year

technician working on outside unit of ACWe may be looking ahead to some still-cool and pretty rainy weather in the coming weeks, but with the official start of spring, temperatures will rise soon. And when they do, you want to make sure you have a fully efficient and effective air conditioner to get you through the hottest time of year.

That’s why Denver, CO air conditioning maintenance is such a vital service, granting you a number of important benefits for your home and for the AC, which we’ve highlighted below.

Reduced Repair Needs

During your regular maintenance, our technicians thoroughly inspect every component within your cooling system, looking for small problems and issues that could be developing.

It might be something like the air filter beginning to clog (you should be changing your air filter every 1 to 3 months during periods of system use) or it could be something more serious like a leaking compressor. Whatever the case, the sooner it’s caught the less chance there is of the problem growing worse.

Increased System Efficiency

As your AC system runs, the small problems that it develops will cause the system to work harder in order to cool your home—which decreases the system’s efficiency. When you remove those problems, the system can perform better.

You should be able to count on the fact that your cooling system will keep your home comfortable throughout the entire cooling season, but it can’t do this if it isn’t operating as efficiently as it’s meant to.

Extended Equipment Life

When your air conditioner is able to perform more efficiently and receive once-a-year inspections, cleaning, and adjustments, then it will last longer. The average air conditioner—depending on the manufacturer and system type—can typically last about 10 to 15 years. But this won’t be the case without diligent maintenance.

The time to schedule spring maintenance is now. Contact Cool Sunshine Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

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