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Don’t Ignore These Signs of AC Disrepair

two-technicians-working-on-air-conditionerSummer is just about here, and most of the homes in our area are ready to use their air conditioners on a daily basis. Of course, we hope this means that you’ve already had maintenance done on your cooling system. Maintenance helps with system longevity and performance. Tune-ups also help reduce repair needs.

Speaking of repair needs, some good news here is that most signs of air conditioning repair needs are pretty apparent, if you know what to look for (or listen for). We don’t encourage you trying to formally diagnose or repair a malfunctioning air conditioner on your own due to the components involved and formal licensing required. But you can still spot the signs that you need AC repairs so then you can call us!

Read on to learn some of these signs.

Low Airflow

Air that isn’t moving through your vents as quickly as you expect can be a significant problem. It means that cold air is trapped in the system somewhere, which can cause the coils to freeze over and create even more problems.

Even if that doesn’t happen, reduced airflow is the sign of a clear problem, and it reduces the system’s ability to reach the desired temperature on your thermostat—and therefore the system won’t work efficiently.

Reduced Cooling

Low refrigerant levels (called refrigerant charge), overheating components, or breaches in your ductwork can all reduce your system’s ability to actually cool your air. You’ll notice an issue like this if you walk by the vents and notice that lukewarm air is coming out—or at least, it’s not as cool as usual.

This is an issue for the same reason that low airflow is a problem—it forces your AC system to run longer than it would have to in order to do its job, which strains your energy usage and therefore your bills.


Short-cycling is the process in which an air conditioner turns on and off rapidly without ever actually going through an entire cooling cycle. AC systems use more energy turning on and off than they do simply running. You want yours to run at least 15 minutes at a time.

If it does seem to be shutting on and off rapidly, it’s time to give our team a call!

Strange Noises

A strange noise can mean anything that’s outside of the normal sounds you hear coming from the system. This can include humming, moaning, buzzing, clanging, or anything that doesn’t match the normal sounds your system makes when it operates.

These sounds usually start and stop in relation to the starting and stopping of the air conditioner itself.

Higher Energy Bills

Sometimes, the issue with your air conditioner won’t necessarily show any symptoms, but you’ll see that your cooling bills have spiked. If they’re considerably higher than what you paid this time last year, then it’s a sign that something is causing your system to perform inefficiently.

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