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It’s Not Too Late to Schedule AC Maintenance

technician-working-on-outdoor-air-conditioning-unitMay is just about over and warmer temperatures are on their way. It may be hard to believe given the weather recently, nevertheless, it’s time to think about your air conditioner. But is it too late for maintenance? Should you have gotten in done closer to the beginning of spring? Well, no!

In the absence of a total system breakdown, it’s never too late to have your system professionally maintained. In fact, this is a great example of “it’s better late than never.” There are a variety of benefits to having routine maintenance done. Keep reading to learn more!

The Importance of Annual Maintenance

Maintenance tune-ups are something that every air conditioning system needs to have done annually. If you have a year-round heat pump, it should actually be done twice a year. It matters more that you have maintenance done on a regular basis than it does what time of the year you have it done. Why, you ask?

  • Summer Doesn’t Take Breaks: Our summers may be mild compared to many parts of the country, and we may be well known for our chilly temperatures in the winter, but heat happens. Maintenance helps ensure that your AC system is always ready to deal with warmer temps, no matter how long they last or when they strike.
  • Skipping Maintenance Leaves You Paying More for Cooling: On average, each year that your air conditioning system goes without maintenance, it loses about 5% of its efficiency, and the drop off will get steeper over time. You’ll pay more for the times your air conditioner is running longer than you should have to because the system is struggling to do its job.
  • Getting Maintenance Prevents Sudden System Breakdowns: The most immediate benefit of routine AC maintenance is preventing the system from suddenly shutting down on you during a soaring hot day. There are plenty more of those ahead, and you want your AC system read to get through each one of them.
  • You’ll Prevent Unnecessary AC Repairs: We don’t want you to spend money you should be enjoying over summer on repairs on your air conditioner that you weren’t expecting. Our guess is that you wouldn’t like to do that either! Even a simple precaution of a maintenance tune-up, no matter the time of year, managed about 80% of the repairs your air conditioner may need throughout its lifespan.

An important factor to remember is that maintenance isn’t a “one and done” service. You’ll want to work with a qualified team each year, which you can trust to do a comprehensive job and follow it up with accurate repairs when needed. This isn’t a task you should try to do on your own, nor one you should trust to an amateur handyman. You will get exactly what you need when you trust our team for the job.

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