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How to Choose the Right Heating System

furnace-flame-gas-bluePicking out the right sofa for your home or the perfect high-definition TV is a much different process than picking out a heating system. You’re not looking for the perfect design or the best picture; instead, you need a heater that will work correctly in your home.

There is likely one type of system that is the best fit for your home, but this won’t be the best fit for everyone. Today, we’re offering a guide to help you pick out the best heater you can, one that’s just right for your home.

The best heater depends on your home

The most common system you’ll find in homes is a furnace. It’s reliable, and today’s furnaces are safer and more efficient than ever before. The natural gas furnace is the most popular system, but this doesn’t make it right for everyone. You may not have access to a natural gas supply, or you may lack the ductwork (ventilation system) necessary to use it.

A boiler is a system that can generate heat directly into a room. Hot water radiates heat through pipes leading throughout the house. However, this is a costly system, and some ductless homeowners may choose to use ductless systems instead, which can provide year-round heating and cooling.

Bigger isn’t always better

Many people believe that they should find the biggest heating system that can fit in their homes, but this isn’t the case. Yes, if a heater is too small, you likely won’t get the heat you need to feel comfortable. In fact, your heater will run nonstop, which will likely reduce its lifespan. However, a larger system than is necessary can short-cycle, wearing down the parts.

Rather, efficiency is everything. A high-efficiency furnace, boiler, or ductless system will ultimately save you money—as long as it’s the right size for your home.

If this is all sounding a little complicated, that’s because it usually takes a professional to really figure out which heater is right for your home.

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