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Common End-Of-Season Furnace Troubles to be Aware Of

technician-working-on-furnaceThe thing about living in our area is that the weather is pretty unpredictable. While one year we can have on-and-off snow all the way through May, another it can feel like summertime at the beginning of March. Of course, if the latter happens, that means we can all shut off our furnaces and not give them another thought until next fall, right?

Well, not quite.

Unfortunately, ignoring your furnace this time of the year could lead to small problems or minor malfunctions turning into much bigger, emergency repair needs. Some of these repair needs can affect your air conditioner too—leaving you in a lurch with both your comfort control appliances.

That said, do you know how to detect furnace troubles? We’ve shared some of the most common ones we get called for below, to help you out.

The Furnace Isn’t Heating the Whole Home

Have you noticed a drafty home or cold spots in areas where it should be warm when running your heater? Maybe your furnace isn’t heating your home up as fast as it should to. This is typically a sign that something is preventing the system from performing as it used to. As a result, it also won’t work as efficiently.

Another possibility when this occurs is that you have a damaged thermostat or ductwork system. These are both problems that can also negatively impact your air conditioner, and therefore are important to take care of right away.

The Furnace Is Making Strange Sounds

No matter how mild a strange noise may seem, if your furnace is making sounds that alarm you or that you don’t recognize, it warrants a call to a pro. A few noises in particular that should alert you to an issue include mechanical clanging or banging, hissing, clicking (which is indicative of a crack heat exchanger), or even just general noisy operation.

Energy Bills Have Skyrocketed

You should expect to see your energy bills go up in the wintertime—that’s a given. What you shouldn’t see, however, is a sudden spike or dramatic increase in your bills compared to what you paid last year for similar use. If you do notice this, it’s a symptom of a heater that’s not working as efficiently as it used to, and something is amiss in order to cause this.

The Furnace Is Short-Cycling

Short-cycling is the name given to the process where a furnace shuts off and turns on rapidly. This increases wear and tear on the system and can cause your furnace to die faster as a result. If you have a fairly new furnace system in place and you’ve always noticed this symptom, then, unfortunately, your furnace wasn’t sized correctly.

If, however, you have an older furnace doing this, it’s a sign that something is amiss and you have a repair need. It may be something very minor and easily repairable, but letting it go on too long can allow it to turn into a much bigger and costlier problem.

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