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“Do I Need to Be Aware of Furnace Repair Needs?”

technician-working-on-furnaceSpring is here and temperatures are warming. We all know how our variable weather can surprise us though… while in other parts of the country homeowners are able to shut off their furnace until they need it again next fall, we could find ourselves needing our furnaces at the end of May! Therefore, yes, you most certainly do still need to be aware of furnace repair needs.

As you use your furnace the remainder of spring and beyond, keep the following signs in mind in case you need Littleton furnace repairs.

Your Heating Bills Are Too High

Sure, this is a bit subjective. You may think your heating or energy bills are always too high. But we want you to look at this as a comparison. Are you paying the same to heat your home as you were this time last year? Yes, we have variable weather, but there shouldn’t be a huge discrepancy.

If you’re still unsure, compare your bills to what your neighbors are paying for their heater use. A discrepancy here, too, is a sign that something is causing your heater to work inefficiently. Addressing it sooner rather than later will help ensure that your heater will still be ready to serve you next fall!

You Detect Strange Odors from Your Furnace

Smells coming from the furnace or the vents in your home can indicate a number of different issues. If this were the beginning of the heating season we’d say it’s normal to smell a very faint burning odor—it’s dust burning off the coils that haven’t been used in months.

But if you smell something burning, or think you smell gas, it can absolutely turn into an emergency situation. Please turn your gas off and contact a professional right away for an inspection.

You Hear Alarming Noises

There is, of course, no such thing as a completely silent furnace. You’re going to hear your ductwork fluctuating, and you’ll hear the rush of the air through the vents, as well as other associated noises. What you want to be aware of, however, are noises you’ve never heard from the system before.

This can include clicking—indicative of a dangerous, cracked heat exchanger—or banging, hissing, or buzzing. None of these sounds should be ignored as they can be the sign of big trouble for your furnace, and safety hazards for your household.

The Furnace Pilot Light Is Burning Yellow

Did you know the burner in your furnace should be burning blue? If this isn’t the case and you notice a yellow flame instead, it’s a sign that you have a combustion problem. This can be very dangerous so if you do notice it, shut off your furnace right away and give our team a call. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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