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Don’t Ignore These Signs You Need Furnace Repair!

gas-jets-of-furnace-firingIf there was a way we could help you avoid any and all need for furnace repair in Littleton, CO, we’d be the first to know about it! Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Eventually, you’ll face a problem of some type with your home heating system. And the best thing you can do to prevent heating system catastrophes is to learn to recognize the signs of a system in disrepair. This way, you can get out ahead of them before they grow into much worse problems.

Routine heating system maintenance is the best way to keep the need for heating repairs at bay. Even so, your system will fail you in some way at some point. When this time comes, our service pros are the ones you want to handle repairs. We will accurately diagnose the problem, and resolve it completely. Keep these following tips in mind, and dial our number the moment you notice a heating system problem.

Cool or Lukewarm Air Coming from Your Vents

There are some symptoms you can encounter with a malfunctioning heater that can seem pretty subtle. A heater that’s blowing cold air out of its vents, however, is not one of them—it’s very clearly having a problem.

It could be a fuel combustion issue, or maybe even a leak in the ductwork to a particular section of your home. Whatever the case is, you need to have your system repaired in order to ensure that it starts blowing warm air again properly.

Increased Heating Bills

There’s something tricky about some heating problems. The thing is, you might not always notice a drop off in the system’s heating output. So, you need to keep an eye out for how much you’re paying in order to heat your living space. Of course, the colder it is, the more it’s going to cost you to heat your home.

This makes sense, right? Still, you should have a general idea of your average heating costs. If you notice a serious spike in bills without a clear reason for it, it could be the result of a problem rendering your system less efficient than it should be.

Burning Odors

When you run your heater for the first time this year, you may smell a bit of a dusty odor coming from it. This is understandable since the heater has been off for months and some dust will burn off its components.

However, if you continually smell burning coming from your heating system, then you need to give us a call right away. These symptoms not only suggest that something is wrong with your heating system, but that you might be putting your safety in jeopardy.


Does it seem like your heating system is running erratically? Does it start up, run only briefly, then cycle back down quickly? If so, your system is going through a process called short-cycling. This may be because of something as simple as a dirty and clogged air filter creating too much airflow resistance, or something such as a faulty thermocouple. Whatever the case may be, we can resolve the problem for you!

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