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Noises from a Heater You Shouldn’t Ignore

woman-ears-no-soundWhen a heater in Denver breaks down in the middle of winter, it’s a problem that’s impossible to ignore. We need our central heaters in Colorado, and you know to call in technicians ASAP when the problem cannot be solved by replacing a blown fuse or changing a battery in the thermostat.

But some problems with a furnace are easy to ignore. You might think that a noise from within your furnace is not such a big deal, but we think this is a mistake. Letting a noise in your heater go unchecked can result in more trouble than it’s worth, and these are things you shouldn’t ignore.

Noises You May Hear from a Furnace

Of course, you should expect to hear the familiar whir of a fan when your heater switches on (although, as an FYI, this usually doesn’t happen until a minute or two after the thermostat has turned on). This is a noise you are familiar with that certainly causes no threat. But we believe that anything outside of this should be perceived as a problem that requires immediate attention. This includes:

  • Bang or pop at startup: This could be a result of delayed furnace ignition, dirty burners that allow gas to build up, creating a tiny explosion that could crack the heat exchanger.
  • Grinding or screeching: If it sounds like metal on metal, the fan may be loose from its bearing.
  • Squealing or squeaking: Also related to the fan motor, this noise may indicate a lack of lubrication or a worn-down fan belt.

What Happens When You Wait Too Long

While it’s true that these noises may not mean your furnace is about to break down right now or cause your furnace to explode, there are plenty of other reasons to schedule service. Most importantly, the furnace won’t fix itself. You might be stuck with a broken down system that could have been repaired much sooner.

Furthermore, whenever anything unusual happens, it could put your safety at risk. That banging noise, as mentioned, could cause the heat exchanger to crack, and that could mean dangerous carbon monoxide leaking into your home.

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