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When to Repair or Replace Your Home’s Furnace

There’s one big question homeowners have when we show up to look at a broken-down furnace. “Do I have to replace it?” Of course, you’d prefer the system could be fixed. We would prefer that too! Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, and people are always happy when they can save money.

However, there are times when repairing a furnace just doesn’t make sense. Eventually, your furnace will need replacement, and we’re here to help you understand why. For a thorough diagnosis and assessment, contact a local technician.

When to Repair

A quality contractor should always look for a way to repair a heater before recommending repair. If your furnace breaks down, don’t expect the worst! There may just be a broken electrical component, malfunctioning fan motor, troublesome ignition system, or another part that can be repaired.

Just make sure you call for repairs ASAP, or else the issue can only get worse. If you don’t like your technician’s estimate, consider a second opinion.

Replacing a Furnace with Costly Repairs

There are times when a technician lets you know that a repair is possible, but that making it would be quite costly. If the repair is about half the cost of a brand-new system, trust us, it’s not worth it!

Making an expensive repair to a system that’s wearing down anyway means the other components of the system are sure to follow, failing in a short time. That new part may only serve as a “patch,” and you’re sure to notice additional problems down the road.

Replacing a Furnace That’s Exceeded Its Lifespan

Eventually, it’s no longer wise to keep that older furnace running. If it’s a couple of decades old, it probably costs a lot more to run than it should. It’s more likely to require frequent repairs. And it could break down at any time, leaving you without any access to your heater when you need it the most.

A furnace effectively lasts about 10–15 years. After this, replacing it with a high-efficiency furnace will certainly produce a noticeable change in efficiency and performance!

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