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Time to Turn Your Attention to This Important Heating Service!

gas-burner-firing-up-in-furnaceOur cooler temperatures aren’t here quite yet, but they will be soon enough. And when fall does hit, you’ll be very thankful to have a fully functional and efficiently operating heating system, right?

Of course, the only way you can ensure your heater works as well and runs as efficiently as it should is by taking proper care of it. What do we mean by this? First off, you want to make sure that when you need heater repairs, you have them done by a professional and that you get those repairs on your schedule right away. Waiting could mean a domino effect of failing components that leads to a heater breakdown.

Perhaps more importantly, however, you should be scheduling annual maintenance for your furnace or heating system. Have you scheduled your appointment yet? Read on to learn why this is so important.

The Importance of Heating Maintenance

Most of the problems that can negatively impact your heating system are the kind of thing you won’t notice until they’ve already caused a fair amount of damage to the system. This is the main reason you don’t want to wait for repair needs to crop up before addressing them. The best way to deal with an HVAC issue is to prevent it from happening from the start, with professional heating maintenance.

Routine maintenance tune-ups give your technicians the chance to thoroughly inspect the heating system and isolate any issues that may turn into something bigger later on. You then have the opportunity to schedule repairs right away before those needs turn into an emergency situation that threatens the integrity of your heating system.

Maintenance helps lower the odds of serious damage to your heating system and increases its energy efficiency, as well. Over the lifetime of your system, you can save thousands on your heating system use simply by avoiding emergency repairs and boosting the overall efficiency of your heater.

“Should I Schedule Maintenance Now?”

Consistency matters more than timing. What we mean is, you should be scheduling heating tune-ups once a year. If you’re using a year-round heat pump system, then you should schedule maintenance twice a year.

That said, the “best” time to schedule heating maintenanceĀ isĀ in the fall. This is because it’s a time when our technicians are less busy with emergency repair calls and the like. We want to help you ensure that your heating system is in the best shape possible before it is subjected to the added stress of the heating season. Also, you’ll be dealing with a more efficient system this fall and winter if you schedule maintenance now, or at least within the next several weeks.

As we said, though, consistency is what matters most! So if you come across this post in the middle of winter and wonder if you should schedule a tune-up because you haven’t had one in over a year, give us a call.

Contact Cool Sunshine Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. for professional Denver HVAC maintenance today!

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