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Do You Need Whole-Home Air Purification?

woman-suffering-from-allergies-in-her-homeWhen it comes to something like air quality, you probably think a lot more about what’s in the air outside versus what could be in the air inside your home—even though the latter is much more important. The thing is, the level of allergens like dust and pollen, and even mold spores, that bother you outside, can be in even higher concentrations indoors.

In other words, your indoor air quality is worse than that of outdoors—at least, without the right indoor air quality products and services in place—namely, a whole house air purifier installed by technicians from an experienced Littleton, CO HVAC company.

“Why Can’t I Use a Portable Air Purifier?”

You can, but you won’t get much benefit from it unless you live in a 5-600 square foot studio apartment (generally speaking, anyway). The fact is, if you want comprehensive air purification, a whole-house system is the answer. Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors, and a good percentage of that is inside our homes. Therefore, you deserve to be able to eliminate irritants that can be trapped in your home.

Signs You Need Comprehensive Air Purification

Simply put, whole-home air purification will help you breathe the best quality air possible. Still not convinced? Read on for these symptoms of poor indoor quality, and take note of which ones apply to your living space.

  • Mold growth in your bathroom or anywhere else in your home.
  • A musty smell.
  • Constant allergy symptoms no matter what room you’re in, and despite taking allergy medicine.
  • Dirty ductwork and vents.
  • Condensation on walls or windows.

These are just a few of the signs you should start considering the installation of a whole-house air purifier. There are many options for this appliance—you may choose an electrostatic air purifier, an electronic one, a UV (ultraviolet) air purifier, or some combination of these options.

What Are the Benefits?

As we said, one of the main benefits of installation a whole-home air purifier is that it helps eliminate allergens. This isn’t the only advantage, though!

  • Whole-Home Systems are Energy Efficient: Smaller air purifiers can only handle one or two rooms and can cost anywhere from $70 for extremely low-end air filtration systems up into the hundreds for higher quality systems. Depending on how many rooms are in your home, you can probably guess what that means for your finances—not to mention the cost of replacing the filters within those air purifiers once a month! Instead, you can invest in a whole-home system that will benefit your entire living space and need less frequent maintenance.
  • Whole-Home Systems are Convenient: A whole-home air purifier is also space saving—it can be installed directly into your HVAC system or its ductwork, meaning you never have to take up space in your home nor do you have to worry about the noise associated with a number of smaller units running at once.
  • Air Purification Helps Your HVAC Lifespan: The cleaner your air, the fewer contaminants will reach the interior components of your air conditioner. The cleaner the inside of your furnace or air conditioner is, the longer it will last!

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