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Should You Install a Humidifier This Winter?

woman-looking-comfortable-in-homeIf there’s anything you know about Denver, it’s that weather can be unpredictable. Sure, it snows in the winter, but we have had unseasonably warm winters before.

One thing remains the same year after year though—wintertime is when the air gets dry around these parts. And it’s not just outside that we feel this, it’s indoors as well. Low humidity plagues all of Denver and the surrounding communities this time of the year.

But finding a way to balance the humidity in your home can help you in many ways. You know the dry hair, dry skin, and frequent colds you and your family experience? These symptoms can be relieved—through the installation of a whole-house humidifier. Read on to learn more, and give us a call when you’re ready to schedule your installation!

Why Is Winter So Dry?

When winter comes and sometimes before winter, the temperatures begin to drop, and that cold air doesn’t have the same capacity to hold moisture like warm air does. Naturally, when it’s cold outdoors, it’s cold indoors too—so you turn on your heater. But the heater actually exacerbates this “dry air” problem.

The lack of water vapor in the air means there’s also a lack of moisture in your body, making it much harder for you and your family members to get warm and stay warm throughout the season. A whole-home humidifier is a great investment, as it allows you to feel warmer even with your thermostat set to a lower temperature.

Why Is Dry Air Such a Problem?

Is dry air really such a big deal. Sure, it’s a little uncomfortable, but is water vapor really that important? Let’s put it this way—water vapor acts as an insulant (that’s why it’s so uncomfortable in the summertime!) and when your home lacks this element, it is harder for you to feel warmth, and turning up the thermostat just makes your heater run longer than it should have to, wasting energy in the process.

Dry air also causes dry skin, hair and nails—it causes uncomfortable issues such as dry, brittle hair and cracked nails and lips. Nosebleeds are even more common when the air is too dry, and itchy skin and sore throats are common. This is particularly bad for those who suffer from skin issues like eczema or dermatitis. There’s no need to remain this uncomfortable—a whole-house humidifier will solve your troubles.

Dry Air and Illness

Do you know why cold and flu season happens in the cooler months. It’s due to a lack of humidity—it dries out your sinuses and airway, lowering your immunity and making it easier for you to catch and illness (and makes it harder for you to get over).

When your nose and throat dry out, your cold, flue, and allergy symptoms become much worse. A whole-house humidifier system helps make these symptoms much more manageable and helps speed up your recovery.

Another added benefit of installing a whole-home humidifier is that you’ll be able to get better sleep. When your respiratory system gets dried out, it makes you more prone to snoring, when you can wake yourself up repeatedly throughout the night without even realizing it. Consider a humidifier to help you breathe easier at night.

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