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Heating Installation and Replacement Services in Denver, CO

Stop searching online for “heating system installation near me” and give the NATE-certified technicians at Cool Sunshine Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. a call! You’ll never need to worry about making an important decision about your heating options on your own when you have our professional assistance. We work with a number of heating systems, from furnaces and boilers to in-floor radiant heating, and you can count on our installation jobs being done thoroughly and effectively.

Our company was founded over 20 years ago by Denver natives with a long history of taking good care of residents throughout the communities we serve, during our chilly winters. We are here to help you make an educated decision on what heating system is best for your home, and to ensure it works as it should once installed.

For reliable heating installation in Denver, CO contact our team today! Our big happy family looks forward to keeping your family happy too.

Heating Installation and Replacement Options

We are the team to turn to when you need reliable and effective heating installation in the Denver Metro area. Do you know why it’s so important to have your heating installation performed by a professional? Only trained and experienced professionals will know how to remove the old system without knocking anything out of place, correctly size the new system, and test the system to ensure proper operation before we leave the job.

Professional experience is particularly important when it comes to ductless heating installation. Ductless systems have a unique setup, with one outdoor unit connected via conduits to up to 4 indoor units, each individually mounted on the walls of the rooms they’ll be used in. Improper ductless installation can lead to water and refrigerant leaks behind your drywall, in addition to broken air handlers. This is why you should trust our team for your heating installation!

Denver Furnace Installations

An amateur furnace installation or furnace replacement job could leave you with safety issues and system inefficiencies. Investing in a gas or electric powered heating system should never feel like a risk. You need a reliable team, focused on keeping you and your family safe, comfortable, and happy all at a reasonable price.

When our technicians are in your home, you’ll never need to worry about anything less than this. We are one big happy family here, and we understand how to keep your family happy too. Contact us today to schedule your furnace installation or to learn more!

Call for Boiler Installation Services

Boiler installations and boiler replacements are a great way to save on your utility bills. Boilers are highly efficient and one can benefit your home in a number of ways:

  • Long-Lasting: Boilers typically last longer than other heating system types. They have fewer moving parts and take longer to accumulate wear and tear, so long as they’re adequately maintained.
  • Sturdy: Because of their set up, boilers don’t have as many repair needs as other heating system types.
  • Clean: With a boiler, you’ll never need to worry about the potential indoor air quality issues presented by forced-air heating systems.

Contact our Denver professionals today to learn more about boilers and see if one of these systems would benefit your household. 

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With 50 years of combined experience, our staff is ready and able to help you with all your comfort needs.